Artistic Intention.

Blue Roan's Studio Portrait Session is a means to create a timeless, compelling, and creative collection of fine art imagery with many dimensions of purpose. Here are a few examples of direction you can take your portrait session:

CREATIVE + ICONIC photographs to document and represent you.

My absolute favorite type of portrait session; a true collaboration as we work together to create a collection of images unique to you allowing a wide variety of uses. Through variations of lighting and poses, the final product is one defined as an artistic representation of one's being; a throwback to the historical importance and value of portraiture, while capturing the essence of a person through the fine art of photography.


You may still be using that flip phone photo constructed from the ashes of digital noise that someone from your 2011 cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream snapped against a weathered stage wall: Your current work and successes in the industry deserve more than that. Let's create some stunning headshots that turn your IMDB profile into a beautifully lit wall at the Met.

Fresh portrait for professional platforms.

A first impression can mean the beginning or end of a professional connection. Having imagery that represents you and your essence at its best is essential in building meaningful relationships with clients, customers, and collaborators. You don't have to keep using that Mac Photobooth self-portrait with the tungsten color cast framed by your coffee cup in the bottom right and your cat in the background; your business endeavors deserve better. I've got you.

The process.

Each session is scheduled for two hours, with about an hour and a half of shooting time. We will take a few moments prior to shooting to discuss the style and direction of your portraits, and briefly browse some imagery and mood boards so we are on the same page.  I encourage you to send me inspirational imagery or ideas before your session. We will look at the clothing options you've brought, and discuss what will work best with what background; I am there to contribute any styling suggestions you may need. I recommend bringing 1-3 outfits, with a light and a dark option. Depending on the intended use of your images, it works well to have something casual and professional, or an outfit or two that is conducive to both. There is a dressing room with a mirror located within the studio. Hair and makeup are the responsibility of the client, though I will suggest true to you is best. Should you have any questions on what to wear or bring, don't hesitate to ask.

There is a lovely balance of conversation and image-making that happens during a portrait session. Through our exchange of words, I strive to get to know you throughout our session so we are representing the most honest and best imagery of you. With a few breaks for conversation, snacks and water, and outfit changes, the hour and a half goes by so, so quickly, and before you know it we are left in the settling dust of a beautiful collaboration.

If you are interested in having a portrait session take place outside the studio, please let me know and we can come up with a plan and a location.

Your Collection.

The turn around time for your collection is 2-3 weeks after our session date. Your collection will be comprised of approximately 50 images available for high-resolution and web-sized download in your online collection. (Note: For posts on Instagram, the web-sized option of download yields the best results.) These images are not watermarked, and are available for your use across personal and professional platforms, social media, website, branding, and print.

You will receive an email with information to preface your collection access. You will also receive an important questionnaire following the aforementioned email. This is where you may leave feedback for Blue Roan Photo, grant permission for Blue Roan Photo to share your images on social media and website, and leave a Google Review. Though sharing is optional, allowing Blue Roan to share a selection of your images is a means for this company to inspire others and grow as a business, showing new work and progress. I am so appreciative of those who support the sharing of their portraits, and am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Where to go.

The Blue Roan Studio is located in the Lincoln School at 215 E Lewis Street (at the corner of B Street and Lewis.) Google likes to take you to the north side of the building, but the main entrance is on the southern side. You will see a white church across the street to your right when facing the main door. Please feel free to call or text if there is any confusion and I will meet you outside.  You will go through the door on the left side of the entrance (the right side of the doors is locked), travel up two flights of stairs to the third floor, stroll through the big auditorium, and will find the studio on your immediate right in room 307 .

Final notes.

Portraiture has always been a leading passion of mine. During my education at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I was vehemently determined to create my own style as I merged photography and art. Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, my education in art history and contemporary practice blends the worlds of portraiture and fine art, creating imagery built on the study of light, poses, and a unique artistic vision.