Reconnecting with our Roots

Destini French began her business, Cultured Roots in Bozeman, Montana as a means to provide a resource for natural hair care and protective hair styling, in addition to her talent as a makeup artist. She is a licensed cosmetologist who taught herself how to braid her own hair after moving to Montana and being unable to find any resources of her own. A huge contributor to the community and culture of Bozeman, Destini's passion and vibrancy, as well as her grit and tenacity as a small business owner, is something to which you can't help but be drawn.

We created this project to express the rooted strength, natural elegance, and process of reconnecting with our inner beauty. 

Destini brought this to life in two looks with our gorgeous models, Mikayla and Alexandra, emphasizing the importance of embracing the beauty and expression in natural hair.

My objective was to capture the spirit of the project with fine art intention; to bring to life the textures and essence of her work, while creating pieces that one could hang on a wall. I couldn't have been more excited to create this work, and to do so in such talented company.

Special thanks to:

Destini French | @cultured.rootsmt

Mikayla Pitts | @mikaylanichelle_

Alexandra Smith | @alicksandwich

Coravelli Modeling Agency | @coravellima