Beauty + Grit

And everything in between.

Blue Roan Boudoir grew from my inspiration of the grit and tenacity of feminine strength.  

As an artist who has grown deep roots in the outdoors, I studied fine art in college, and the mountains thereafter. I was drawn to the relationship between people–women– and the land, and how we can be physically and mentally molded by the timbered slopes, the river-split valleys, the relentless wind, and the seasons that each hold their own magic.

I was so swept away by the western landscape that I gave away summers to fight fire up and down its mountains. I became what I climbed and what I carried. I slept in the dirt, squatted in the sage, and was humbled by my saw at the end of every day. My body changed with each step, and I discovered what it truly meant to have grit; I was no longer what I thought I should be like as a woman, but what I needed to be.

My pursuit of photography and form came together with boudoir; Merging the female body with the land that made it presents its own medium of fine art. Celebrating the body that has carried you, climbed and sweat for you. The body that has hit the ground from the saddle, given birth, roamed in the sage, and ran from a felled ponderosa.

These things in which we navigate life's slopes and valleys deserve one hell of a recognition.