A few tips for bringing your best self.

Blue Roan Boudoir is a little more natural than most; my session and shooting style is a little less manicured, and a little more wild-and-free, which is the main reason I do not provide hair and makeup on site. I want you to feel like you, and I've found this intention most successful when women navigate any personal adjustments themselves. This is not a transformation, this is an embrace, and you know yourself better than anyone else.

Retouching is left only to things that wouldn't be there tomorrow (blemishes, elastic lines, etc.) and the more wind-swept your hair, the better. Sometimes we have a gentle hike to locations, sometimes it’s really windy. Sometimes the elements are exactly as we imagined, and sometimes we have to just roll with Mother Nature. But that’s the adventure of outdoor boudoir, and I whole-heartedly feel that it should be embraced. 

We are ALL natural beauties.

That being said, there are still things we can do to prepare for a boudoir shoot. 

Here is a list of suggestions to consider for your upcoming session.


Some women enjoy taking the opportunity to get their hair and makeup done. If this is the case, FUMI Makeup in Bozeman is hands down the most talented gal I know.


This is totally up to you, and my only suggestion is keep it timeless + classic. Bring pieces that represent you. I would keep lingerie simple and neutral (black, white, earth tones, and lace are especially beautiful if the shoot is outside.) Teddies (onesies) are a great piece to bring as they are elegant but have coverage, and simple lingerie sets are perfect as well; A combination of these items (a teddy + a couple sets of lingerie) usually gives us just the right amount with which to work. Also, boudoir isn't just limited to lingerie! Jeans, denim shorts, boots, cowboy hats, sweaters; it's all about what reflects you. If you're looking to pick up some new items, here are some sources that have worked well for other clients:

Victoria's Secret


They have more to offer than the pear-scented lip gloss roller we all begged our moms for in fifth grade. A broad spectrum from which to choose, and a classy assortment of lingerie and teddies. There's also a small store in Bozeman if you'd rather look in person.



Speaking of local, Suelto is a great boutique located in Downtown Bozeman:

Suelto | 23 S. Tracy Ave | Bozeman, MT



Target has stepped up their game in the lingerie department recently. So if you want something fresh but don't want to spend a lot, take a look.

And finally, bear in mind that the cute black bra in the back of your drawer that you bought for special occasions but never wear (I have at least three) would probably work just as well as anything; you are what makes these photographs stunning, not what what you wear.

The week of:

  • Hydrate thy self. We all know how we feel and look when we have made an effort to drink enough water: glowy skin, a clear mind, and general all-over goodness.
  • Mani-pedi. It is by no means necessary, but sometimes working hands deserve some love, and it always feels good to have fresh fingers and toes. 
  • Hair + Makeup appointments. These are great ways to treat yourself. Any color or cut should be done a few days before to let it settle in, and day-of styling and makeup should be booked in advance. Please discuss appointment lengths with your stylist ahead of time to be sure you arrive to our shoot on time, leaving room for your commute.
  • Select your outfits (I suggest doing this as soon as possible after booking as to not be rushed in the process.) 3-5 pieces, depending on the allotted time for your session, allows room for choices. Bring items that you've tried on and in which you feel confident, but don't be afraid to bring that one that may be out of your comfort zone. Sometimes those pieces can be the most empowering, and I'm always there to give my opinion if needed (more than likely I'll tell you to go for it.) We'll meet 15-30 minutes early and I'll help curate the outfits based on the landscape + context. When you're thinking about items to bring, consider your motive for this session–if you're doing this in part for a significant other, it's always fun to bring something of theirs (a favorite flannel, for example.)
  • Live. It's normal to feel anxious about our session, but more than that, I hope you are as excited as I am. Prepare enough to feel confident and ready, but leave it at that! It's going to be a super fun, beautiful experience, and should not add any stress to your life.

The day before:

  • Drink plenty of water and avoid foods that you know may irritate you. I would strongly suggest avoiding alcohol.
  • Get organized the night before. Hang up + lay out your outfits, assemble your needs (any makeup you’d like to have on hand, a hair brush, toning spray like witch hazel for a natural glow, chapstick, etc.) and make sure if you have any last minute questions, reach out!
  • Plan to wear something loose and comfy for your shoot day. It's best to avoid elastic + tight-fitting clothes that may leave lines on your skin. Also make sure to bring something cozy and warm, as sometimes our session ends with an epic(ally cold) water shot if we've discussed adding that to our agenda.
  • Pack water and some snacks. Be prepared with things that you know will make you feel your best.
  • Get plenty of sleep.

The Day of:

  • Fitness. Don’t skip that workout, run, or walk if it’s part of your routine, but go light enough that you’re not zapped for the rest of the day. Endorphins give you a boost of confidence and strength, and will carry over to your session. If you are as hot of a mess (very literally) as I am after training, give yourself PLENTY of time to get ready; let the redness lift from your skin, have a cold shower, and make sure your timeline for your best hair is planned out. 
  • Eat. You probably know what foods make you feel good and have the least effect on your system. Give your body what it needs, but avoid things that may cause bloating or discomfort.
  • Drink. WATER. Again, we all know how important it is to be hydrated. And how much it can affect our skin and state of mind. As I suggested, I would start this days before your shoot if you know the hydration struggle as I do. 
  • Walk out the door to your session like a boss: woman, today is about you.